O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics is a beauty brand sold largely through beauty salons and clinics throughout Australia.

The Challenge

O Cosmedics are an established retailer and distributor in the Australian market, but didn’t have a digital marketing strategy or ways to sell their product direct to the consumer.

Traditionally, O Cosmedics has advertised using Print Media in industry magazines – however research found that only 4% of leads came from Trade Magazines.

The challenge was to help drive a digital marketing strategy for their brand that helps them bring in leads for Salons / Clinics, and also sell to their consumers directly if they wish to purchase online.

Our Solution

We implemented a number of different branded Facebook Campaigns to drive awareness, in conjunction with a targeted AdWords Search Campaign and Google Shopping Campaigns to capture customers when they have intent to purchase within the category.

We then developed intricate retargeting funnels on Facebook to recapture lost or lapsed customers and drove them to purchase.

Within the first 6 x months we had reached over 30,000 unique Users driving over $200,000 worth of Revenue with a 20:1 Return on Ad Spend.



Return on Ad Spend


Increase In Conversion Rate


Improvement in CPA


Improvement in CPC



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